Xtreme Mining and Demolition

Xtreme Mining and Demolition Inc. (XMD) came to fruition in 1998. The business started off with one man, Leonard Banga and worked throughout the potash, diamond and gold mines throughout Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario.

As the jobs started to increase, XMD grew to 25 workers. The company began to develop an attitude throughout the country, “that no job was too small or difficult to do”!

Currently, XMD is working throughout the Potash mines in Saskatchewan. The mines include: Allan, Agrium, Mosaic (Esterhazy and Colonsay) and PCS (Cory, Lanigan and Rocanville).

XMD also provides explosive demolition throughout the world with stops in Canada, United States, and Brazil to name a few. Services also include disposal of explosives. Presently, XMD has over 120 employees working throughout Saskatchewan.

  • Xtreme Mining and Demolition
  • Xtreme Mining and Demolition
  • Xtreme Mining and Demolition
  • Xtreme Mining and Demolition
  • Xtreme Mining and Demolition

What's New

  • New Ownership

    Jan 3, 2018

    To whom it may concern,

    This letter is being sent to you to inform you of the exciting news of the ownership change at Xtreme Mining and Demolition, Inc (XMD).  Effective Dec. 1, 2017 a joint consortium made up of the Hamilton Construction Corp and Misty Ventures, the holding company that manages all wholly owned subsidiaries and partners for the Mistawasis Nêhiyawak First Nations, purchased and is now operating XMD.

    Hamilton Construction offers a broad scope of services in the Civil, Mechanical, Oil & Gas sectors.  Years of experience, both at home and abroad, has helped develop strong practices and provides solutions to the most complex demands of an ever-changing market.  From creating roadways to isolated communities in Northern Saskatchewan to oil & gas infrastructure and mining in resource-rich areas of the world such as Angola, the Congo and the former Soviet Union, Hamilton Construction brings its unique experience and expertise to each project.  Its dedication to quality design and implementation of complex projects, and its solid track record of excellence in safety, Hamilton Construction is able to see any project, large or small, through successfully.

    In January 2016, Mistawasis Nêhiyawak hired Robert Daniels to become the CEO of Misty Ventures Incorporated (Misty Ventures).  From 2016 onward, Misty Ventures has created a total of 7 prosperous companies.

    • Misty Petroleum a Gas station and Café located in the town of Leask, Saskatchewan.
    • Misty Ventures Property Management a property management entity that manages the building and infrastructure assets of Mistawasis Nêhiyawak.
    • Misty Ventures Storage and Containers was developed based on the need of storage bins that are compactible, and easily dismantled in order to move from location to location.
    • Mist Burton Concrete Services was created to handle any aggregate work above ground, such as concrete, gravel, and topsoil.
    • Misty Chemco a general contractor service was developed in order to assist with the majority of heavy industrial, electrical, and instremantal projects
    • Misty Clifton Engineering an engineering firm developed to complete site testing, collect soil samples, and provide many other environmental services.

    Each Misty Ventures subsidiary works independently of each other with its own director/CEO to oversee the business and its progress. Hamilton Construction Corp and XMD are now part of the Misty Ventures portfolio.

    This will certainly be an exciting future as the Hamilton Construction Corp (HCC) and Misty Ventures bring a broad range of experience and opportunities to XMD.

    XMD will continue to do work in the mine construction, maintenance, and demolition arenas.  The new ownership group is fully supportive of XMD and is committed to ensuring all existing and future contracts we get are seen through a safe and successful completion.  The new leadership team will be making efforts to get to know all our clients, employees, and vendors.

    For all questions, future RFQ's, or other company inquiries please call our office.


    Ken Hamilton, CEO HCC

    Rylan Colwell, CFO HCC

    Robert Daniels, CEO Misty Ventures

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Employee Spotlight - Dave Gusikoski

Dave GusikoskiDave Gusikoski, superintendent at PCS Lanigan site, has worked for XMD since the company began. Dave has many years' experience in various types of mining at various locations around the province.

He likes to ride and work on his prized possessions - his Harley Davidson motorcycles. He enjoys farming and being outdoors when he isn't underground. Dave comes from a large family and has grown up in the Viscount area, and is a well-known member of the community.