About XMD

Xtreme Mining and Demolition Inc. (XMD) came to fruition in 1998. The business started off with one man, Leonard Banga and worked throughout the potash, diamond and gold mines throughout Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario.

As the jobs started to increase, XMD grew to 25 workers. The company began to develop an attitude throughout the country, “that no job was too small or difficult to do”!!!

Currently, XMD is working throughout the Potash mines in Saskatchewan. The mines include: Allan, Agrium, Mosaic Esterhazy and PCS (Colonsay, Cory, Lanigan and Rocanville).

XMD also provides explosive demolition throughout the world with stops in Canada, United States, and Brazil to name a few.

Presently, XMD has 140 employees working throughout Saskatchewan.

Our Endeavors

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Xtreme Mining and Demolition is involved in numerous endeavors which allow them to have a benefit in other parts of the mining industry